General Project Information

We’re all about saving and re-using as much wastewater as possible and we know that both water and sewerage are really important components of any water management system.

We also know how hard it is to harness water and optimise sewerage. Which is why our expert team use an integrated approach to water use. Our water recycling systems give you the best chance to save money and water.

Aquacell systems are perfect for recycling water in a range of facilities including:

  • Office towers
  • Resorts
  • Sports clubs and fields
  • Universities and schools
  • Golf courses
  • Residential developments
  • And more

Benefits of Aquacell

In the old days governments were the ones who provided centralised water and sewerage infrastructure – often without even thinking about recycling. But as populations increase, so too does the need for efficient and effective wastewater services. That’s where Aquacell comes in.

Whether connected into the main sewer system or completely decentralised, Aquacell water recycling systems deliver some great benefits and make wasted wastewater a thing of the past.

Reduced upfront cost

Recycling with an Aquacell system gives you greater financial flexibility. We’re more than happy for you to stage the cost in parallel with your building program.

Lower operating cost

In most cases it’s cheaper to run an Aquacell system compared to using standard mains water. That’s because of the significant fees from water utilities for ongoing sewer access. The other advantage of our systems is that your potable (drinking) water consumption will be much less. You’ll be using recycled water for a whole range of uses and that means lower water bills.

Retrofitting or new builds

The benefits of an Aquacell system are not limited to new developments. We can also retrofit our systems to help you start re-using your wastewater.


By reducing potable (drinking) water demand, less pressure is placed on the potable water supply. You’ll be doing your part to minimise the stresses on our aging public water infrastructure.

Greenhouse gas reduction

Because water is recycled on-site, pumping distances are tiny. You’ll minimise your energy consumption and proactively reduce carbon emissions.

Guilt-free landscaping

Well-manicured outdoor spaces add immeasurably to the visual appeal of any site. And when recycled water is used for landscaping and garden irrigation, you can enjoy your green spaces with a clear conscience.

Blacktown Workers Sports Club

The Aquacell approach

At Aquacell we’ve delivered localised greywater and blackwater treatment/recycling solutions across Australia, North America and the Middle East. We have the experience and knowledge to navigate complex regulatory frameworks and we make sure that positive long-term recycling outcomes are met.

Customer support

Our systems include built-in controls, which continuously react to the ever-changing quality of effluent without an on-site operator. Plus, our expert Aquacell engineers remotely monitor all our systems via the internet, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That means total piece of mind for you.

Regulatory compliance

Data acquisition and compliance reporting is built into every Aquacell system from the ground up. All our systems are backed by our expert knowledge, friendly service and maintenance support.

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