Commercial & Institutional Buildings

Commercial projects and public buildings produce huge volumes of wastewater. But instead of losing it, why not re-use it? Aquacell grey and blackwater systems do just that.

We design systems to perfectly suit your needs and harness wastewater from a range of sources throughout a development. Depending on your needs, our systems can be set up to:

  • operate independently from the mains, or
  • be integrated alongside the mains.

Gone are the days of relying solely on the public sewer system. With one of our state-of-the-art systems you’ll save money now and for many years to come.

Aquacell systems in action

Commercial Building (click to enlarge)

Commercial Building

Commercial Precinct (click to enlarge)

Commercial Precinct

Aquacell systems are available for recycling water in a range of facilities including:

  • Office towers
  • Resorts
  • Sports clubs and fields
  • Universities and schools
  • Golf courses
  • Public spaces and precincts

As you can see in the illustrations above, no matter the size of the project, our smart technologies can help you re-use more water.

The Aquacell difference

Aquacell offers occupiers and service providers lower overheads on amenities. We also make it easy to meet the green requirements often associated with new developments.

What’s more, your investors will see a quick return, know that their water recycling system meets all regulatory compliance standards and rest easy with round-the-clock maintenance support.

Case studies

For more information on how Aquacell water recycling systems have been integrated into commercial and institutional buildings, please read our case studies below.

Commercial & Institutional Buildings Case Studies

From initial consultation to operational support, Aquacell is a beginning-to-end provider of water recycling systems to business, industry and government. Call Australia-wide on 1300 AQUACELL.