In over 25 years of business, we’ve provided sustainable, reliable water-saving solutions for a range of projects. You can rely on us to plan and implement a system to perfectly suit your needs.

Our general project information steps you through the Aquacell process. You can then dive in and learn more about our Commercial & Institutional Buildings and Residential Developments.

Each page includes in-depth case studies showcasing exactly how Aquacell systems have helped our clients stop losing and start re-using their wastewater.

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General Project Information

We’re all about saving and re-using as much wastewater as possible and we know that both water and sewerage are really important components of any water management system. We also know how hard it is to … Read More »

Commercial & Institutional Buildings


Commercial projects and public buildings produce huge volumes of wastewater. But instead of losing it, why not re-use it? Aquacell grey and blackwater systems do just that. We design systems to perfectly suit your needs and … Read More »

Residential Developments

Cardita Apartments

More and more, developers and residents are discovering the environmental and cost benefits that come from wastewater recycling. Whether independent from the mains or in conjunction with public infrastructure, our smart technologies provide high-quality recycled water … Read More »

From initial consultation to operational support, Aquacell is a beginning-to-end provider of water recycling systems to business, industry and government. Call Australia-wide on 1300 AQUACELL.