For us, consulting means getting to know your specific needs and supporting you with our experience to get the right result.

Our customers all want to save water. The kind of decentralised or ‘local’ water recycling that we do requires out-of-the-box thinking and an integrated approach.

In many cases, our customers want a total solution. They start with the idea that water should be conserved; to save money, to save water, or for a range of other reasons. In these cases, we negotiate the relevant regulatory approvals and interface with other parts of the team to ensure a smooth, holistic outcome. If you like our equipment as a stand-alone, that’s okay too. If you want us to operate your existing system, or advise you on improvements, we’re here to help.

Here are the main steps:

  • We help you identify potential water sources. Some examples: sewer, greywater, roof water, harvested rainwater, stormwater, industrial wastewater, dam water.
  • We help you identify potential re-use applications. For example: irrigation, cooling tower make-up, toilet flushing, wash down, dust suppression, laundry use, process water.
  • We look at the volumes available at the source and determine how much can be re-used (water balance).
  • We look at the regulatory aspects and negotiate approvals.
  • We quickly identify costs and return on investment.
  • We help determine if you have a viable project.

We do some of this work at no charge, and other times in exchange for a fee. It depends on the scale and complexity of the project. From there, we can take the project to fruition, either as a one-stop provider or in collaboration with owners, developers, architects or other consultants.

Contact us about the clever ways we can help you preserve and re-use your wastewater.