Blacktown Workers Sports Club, Blacktown

October 2008

The Aquacell water recycling system at Blacktown Workers Sports Club treats all the wastewater generated at this large sporting complex in Sydney’s west.

  • The wastewater is obtained from the Club itself – anything that goes down the drains at the Club can end up in the Aquacell system, thereby recycling water that would otherwise be lost to the sewer.
  • The system treats the wastewater to a high standard that makes it safe for irrigation of landscaped areas – perfect for the Club’s many sporting fields.
  • Treated wastewater is NOT suitable for drinking.

Where is the wastewater treated at Blacktown?

The Aquacell unit is located at the back of the Club and is built above the site’s main sewer exit line. Wastewater is diverted from this line into the Aquacell system where it’s recycled and re-used rather than being wasted.

How is recycled water used at Blacktown?

The recycled water is fed into the Club’s existing irrigation system for use on the Club’s sporting fields and landscaped areas. There are no taps or public access to the recycled water.

By recycling its own wastewater the Club has been able to “drought proof” its sporting fields. Even new, stricter water restrictions don’t prevent the Club from maintaining a state-of-the-art sporting complex.

What precautions are in place on-site?

The Blacktown site has a dual pipe system, which means the recycled water is transported around the site in a separate (purple coloured) pipe system to the drinking water (‘mains water’). As there are no purple recycled water hoses or taps accessible to guests at the Blacktown site, and the system is completely isolated from the mains water supply, accidental contact with wastewater is highly unlikely.

When recycled water is being used for irrigation of the sporting fields, signs are placed to inform the public. It is suggested that the fields be avoided for the duration of the irrigation cycle, which normally takes around four hours. After this time, the fields are ready to be used again.

Blacktown Workers Sports Club Unit

Instructions for the community

You can help keep the system running at its best by following some simple guidelines.

Please do

  • Take notice of the signs placed and follow instructions by the Club’s groundskeepers about when a field is being irrigated with recycled water.

Please don’t

  • Don’t drink the recycled water – it is non-potable.
  • Don’t attempt to alter or repair any of the plumbing – contact Blacktown Workers Sports Club on 02 8822 2444 if you have any problems.
  • Don’t put any of these materials down the drain:
    • Detergents
    • Fertilisers
    • Chemicals
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Pet care products
    • Silicon or silicon based products
    • Bleach
    • Paint or paint thinners
    • Turps
    • High-foaming degreasers
    • Windex
    • Draino or caustic soda

Important contact information

For all life-threatening emergencies dial 000 for Ambulance, Fire Brigade or Police.

Incidents and emergencies

For urgent repairs, incidents and emergencies, contact Blacktown Workers Sports Club immediately on 02 8822 2444. This includes:

  • Any burst water service
  • Dangerous electrical faults
  • Flooding
  • Water service breakdown
  • Any fault or damage that creates a hazardous condition
  • Production of out-of-spec water

In the event of an electrical hazard, an emergency stop button is mounted on the Aquacell system’s control cabinet panel.

Treatment plant operator

Aquacell Pty Ltd
64 Alexander Street
Crows Nest, NSW, 2065

Telephone: 02 4721 0545

Recycled water reticulation scheme operator

Blacktown Workers Sports Club
170 Reservoir Road
Blacktown, NSW, 2148

Telephone: 02 8822 2444
Fax: 02 8822 2488