Community Information

This section provides practical information about some of Aquacell’s water recycling systems that have already been installed in the community.

These systems are friendly to the environment, and we make it easy for businesses and communities to stop losing and start re-using their wastewater.

Our cutting edge systems can treat and re-use either black or greywater for toilet flushing, garden irrigation and many more uses. There’s no need to waste pure drinking water on your lawn or garden. We help our customers make the most of their recycled water and save drinking-quality water for where it’s really needed.

Visit the pages below to find out more about the project in your community.

In this section

Burwood Brickworks

October 2021 The Aquacell water recycling system at Burwood Brickworks treats all the wastewater and stormwater generated on site. The wastewater treated at Burwood Brickworks is collected from the entire shopping centre site. The Aquacell water … Read More »

1 Bligh Street, Sydney


September 2013 The Aquacell water recycling system at 1 Bligh Street treats all the wastewater generated in this 29 storey tower. The wastewater treated at 1 Bligh Street is collected from two sources: the base office … Read More »

Blacktown Workers Sports Club, Blacktown


October 2008 The Aquacell water recycling system at Blacktown Workers Sports Club treats all the wastewater generated at this large sporting complex in Sydney’s west. The wastewater is obtained from the Club itself – anything that … Read More »


 January 2016 The Aquacell water treatment system at Kurrajong treats all the wastewater generated in the Tallowood Community Estate. The wastewater collected from the residences and is treated on site. The Aquacell water treatment plant  treats wastewater to a … Read More »

Vinosa Apartments, Little Bay

October 2008 The Aquacell water recycling system at the Vinosa Apartments treats the residents’ greywater from all 64 apartments across the development’s three buildings. The greywater is obtained from the apartments located within the building, recycling … Read More »

From initial consultation to operational support, Aquacell is a beginning-to-end provider of water recycling systems to business, industry and government. Call Australia-wide on 1300 AQUACELL.