Lamella Turbine


The lamellas are specifically designed to optimise the capture of hydroelectricity. The application range for the Lamella Turbines start at heads of 0.5m and flow rates >0.1m3/s. The parameters to determine the turbine configuration are associated with the:

  • Diameter and width of wheel
  • Number and position of lamellas in bundles
  • Number and positions of the lamella bundles in relation to each other


The Lamella Turbine is an undershot water wheel, to which the water is supplied by a control device such as a nozzle or gate valve. The wheel is fitted with lamella bundles comprised of numerous individual lamellas, directed at the centre. The arrangement of the lamellas in relation to each other and to the inflowing water enables optimal adaption to the specific application in regard to headwater level and throughput; thus, maximising the efficiency.

The partitioning and construction of the lamellas enable water to freely drain to the tailwater from the wheel. The inflow from outside to in, and inflow from inside to out has a self-cleaning effect, maintaining the cleanliness of the wheel, and protecting from soiling during operation.