Treatment and Separation Equipment

Even if you already have a water or wastewater system, we can still help. Our treatment equipment can help any organisation maximise the amount of water, time and money they save.

Since starting out in 1996 we’ve installed specialist separation equipment for a whole host of councils and corporations in Australasia – including Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Sydney Water, Water Corporation of Western Australia and others. Over the years we’ve worked on some really great projects and helped our customers streamline what they do.

Below you’ll find information on just a few of our projects. To find out more about how Aquacell treatment equipment can help you, please contact us.

Inlet works at wastewater treatment plants

We have installed more than 150 inlet works upgrades including screening and grit removal at sewage treatment plants. These remove troublesome solids at the head of the treatment plant, protecting downstream treatment equipment such as pumps, aerators and membranes.

Aquacell System

Our favourite example is when we installed an inlet screen in a municipal treatment plant in Western Australia. Before working with us, they had no screening facility and so, every few weeks for 30 years, the operator had to row a small boat out to the centre of a lagoon full of sewage to get rid of the junk that would block up the floating aerator.

Our screening equipment now means there’s no need to make that unsavoury journey and it really did change that man’s life.

Mining operations

Tailings dams are used in coal mining to separate solid particles out of the water used in the process. Unfortunately, these dams are extremely toxic and are a massive health risk for wildlife.

Our treatment equipment can eliminate the need for tailings dams by recycling the wastewater from coal mining.

This one solution will solve three environmental problems. Our customers can:

  1. recover the water from mining for re-use
  2. eliminate an environmental liability for their company, and
  3. save valuable land that would have been taken up with a large, toxic pond.

Sludge dewatering

Liquid sludge is a hassle for businesses to get rid of. It’s complicated and expensive. But did you know that sludge is mostly wastewater? If you use Aquacell treatment equipment you can recycle this water and make sludge disposal easy.

Lots of industrial plants currently use our equipment to treat the sludge they create. We greatly reduce the amount of sludge and that helps streamline their operations. Instead of truckloads of liquid sludge, our equipment means you’re left with a more manageable amount of waste to dispose of and much lower costs.

What are your treatment equipment needs?

Our team of experts can help you with almost any liquid-solid separation or water treatment application.

Contact us today and join some of Australia’s largest organisations as repeat-purchasers of our technology.