Tertiary Filtration

Tertiary filtration is the final cleaning process, conducted to improve the wastewater quality prior to being recycled, reused or discharged to the environment. Tertiary filtration removes residual inorganic compounds such as phosphate and nitrogen. Viruses and parasites are also removed in this stage of treatment.

OptiFiber® cloth filtration media has been specifically engineered for application in water and wastewater. It is designed enable maximum removal of solids across a wide range of particle sizes. Unlike microscreen media, the cloth media’s thick pile construction allows storage of filtered solids, extending the time between backwashes. Thorough cleaning of the media if facilitated by the unique design of the cloth fibre backing support structure to optimum performance.

New OptiFiber PES-14 Microfibre Cloth
The most recent development in pile cloth media is OptiFiber PES-14 all-microfibre cloth. It removes suspended solids, turbidity and fine particles up to 50% better than other filters or microscreens. Typical effluent quality is < 1.0 NTU and < 3.0 mg/L TSS, and has proven to reduce phosphorus to 0.1 mg/L or less.

OptiFiber cloth filtration media is available exclusively with Aqua-Aerobic Cloth Media Filters:

AquaDisk® Filter – The original cloth media filter with over 1,000 units installed

Aqua MiniDisk® Filter – Includes all of the features of the AquaDisk®, but for lower flow applications

AquaDiamond® Filter – Ideal for larger flows and traveling bridge filter retrofits and new plant construction

Aqua MegaDisk® Filter – Capable of treating up to 91 MLD in a single unit

Unique performance characteristics

Variety of materials of construction

Abundance of individual fibres provides extensive surface area

Designed for ease of handling and maintenance
Advanced cloth media solutions for both water and wastewater

Media is designed for specific applications

Tested and proven for optimum process performance

Engineered for quality and durability

Meets virtually all tertiary filtration requirements
Tertiary Filtration

Reuse / Recycle

Phosphorus Removal

New Plants and Retrofits

Primary Filtration


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