Aqua ElectrOzone® Modular Ozone Series

Modular Ozone Generation System Featuring QuadBlock® Technology

Aquacell is pleased to partner with Aqua-Aerobic Systems and Pinnacle Ozone Solutions to distribute modular ozone generation systems, marketed under Aqua ElectrOzone™ M-Series.

The Aqua ElectrOzone® M-Series modular ozone generator has been designed specifically for smaller ozone system installations, which require the advantages modularity and built-in redundancy in the system.
The M-Series system features a modular design and offers a 100:1 turn-down ratio for efficient and silent operation. Each system is configurable in 6.8 kg/day increments from 6.8 to 245 kg/day.

QuadBlock® Technology

Each QuadBlock cell is an independent ozone generator with its own dedicated microprocessor-based control board, high frequency switching power supply and ceramic dielectrics. Each completely sealed Quadblock cell can handle the most rugged environments, is practically silent and effectively requires no cleaning or maintenance.

QuadBlock® Technology

Modular Ozone Cells

Built-In Redundancy

Integrated Process Control

Ultra-Compact Design
Limited Dielectric Warranty

Low Cost of Ownership

Energy Efficient – Up to 30%

Simple 5-Point Installation
Municipal Water/Wastewater

Taste and Odour Control
Bleaching/Colour Removal