Chemical Dosing

Chemical dosing refers to the delivery of a chemical substance into sewage or sludge–like water, and is often used in sewage treatment in the anaerobic digestion process. The process is used for cleaning and recirculating wastewater, or safely discharging the water.

Industry Sectors

  •  Waste Water Treatment
  •  Clean Water
  •  Anaerobic Digestion
  •  Industrial Effluent
  •  Power Stations
  •  Mining
  •  Building services
  •  Public Infrastructure

Chemical Dosing Process

Use of chemical dosing skids is the most effective mechanism of dispersing chemicals to treat water. The use of various dosing instruments and pumps throughout the skids facilitates the regulation of chemical dispersal, to ensure the water remains within spec. Typical application for chemical dosing are:

  •  pH buffering
  • Removing Phosphates