AquaSBR® Sequencing Batch Reactor

Sequencing Batch Reactor

The AquaSBR® sequencing batch reactor enables all phases of treatment to be achieved within a single reactor through true batch reactor technology. All components can be easily accessed, with the advanced decant system optimising effluent withdrawal quality.

Optimisation of the AquaSBR treatment system can utilise the IntelliPro® Monitoring and Control System for:
• Monitoring, trending and data analysis
• Energy savings process control
• On-line troubleshooting assistance
• BioAlert™ process notification system

Aqua MixAir® system provides flexible control of aeration and mixing
Independent aeration and mixing provide lower energy consumption

Time-managed operation offers process flexibility with greater handling of hydraulic fluctuations

Floating decanter provides subsurface withdrawal of decant volume
True-batch system allows React, Settle and Decant phases to occur within the same reactor

No secondary clarifiers and return activated sludge (RAS) lines

Lower construction, installation, operation and maintenance costs

Low cost of ownership
Municipal and industrial wastewater

Enhanced biological nutrient removal (EBNR)
- Total nitrogen < 3 mg/L
- Total phosphorus < 0.3 mg/L

Water reuse and reclamation

New plant construction

Retrofit existing activated sludge systems

Plant upgrades

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