AquaPASS® Phased Activated Sludge Systems

Phased Activated Sludge Systems

The AquaPASS® is a time-managed activated sludge technology, integrating specific unit processes into a single biological treatment system.

Optimise treatment of the AquaPASS® system with the IntelliPro® Monitoring and Control System
• Monitoring, trending and data analysis
• Energy savings process control
• On-line troubleshooting assistance
• BioAlert™ process notification system

Aqua MixAir® system provides flexible control of aeration and mixing
Time-based anoxic intervals promoting exceptional nitrate reduction

Superior process environment suitable for cold weather climates

Ideal for a wide range of design flows

Flexible tank design and equipment options
Flow-through operation with multi-stage performance

Concentrated return activated sludge (RAS) provides optimized process environments

Membrane ready for future expansions

Load proportioned power savings mode

Simple and flexible system operation
Municipal and industrial wastewater

Enhanced biological nutrient removal (EBNR)
- Total nitrogen < 3 mg/L
- Total phosphorus < 0.6 mg/L

Water reuse and reclamation

New plant construction

Retrofit existing activated sludge systems

Convert oxidation ditches

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