AquaCAM-D® Combination Aerator/Mixer/Decanter

Combination Aerator/Mixer/Decanter

The AquaCAM-D® is a performance proven aerator/mixer/decanter designed for use in Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) systems. The AquaCAM-D® is capable of treating flows as low as a few thousand litres per day up to 380,000 litres per day. The unit shows versatility, being successfully used for both pre-treatment and secondary wastewater treatment throughout a range of of municipal and industrial applications. The AquaCAM-D effectively and independently aerates and mixes the SBR reactor while offering subsurface decanting of final effluent.

Reliable direct drive mixer

Subsurface aeration

Dual sealed decanter

Portable design

Flexible controls

Simple, low cost installation
Advanced treatment at a low cost

Capable of biological nutrient removal

No aeration yard piping or blower buildings

Flexible tank options

Superior performance
Municipal and industrial applications

Economical solution for lower flows

Attractive solution for cold climates

New plant construction

Plant retrofits

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