Aqua OxyMix® Pure Oxygen Mixer

Pure Oxygen Mixer

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. has been an industry leader in surface aeration and mixing since 1969, with thousands of units installed globally. When there’s a requirement for efficient introduction of oxygen into a wastewater system, the OxyMix pure oxygen mixer provides a comparably economical solution to other pure oxygen devices used in wastewater applications.

Single unit is capable of mixing up to 32 metre diameter basins

Single equipment item for both mixing and aeration needs

Minimal maintenance; no submerged couplings or bearings

Installs in existing basins without dewatering

7.5kW or 30 kW units available; standard Endura® Series high efficiency motor
No blowers or diffusers needed

Floating unit offers easy access and operates in varying water depths

High oxygen transfer provides operational cost savings

Independent aeration and mixing offer full oxygen control for process optimization

Completely mixed conditions provide enhanced process control and mass transfer
Supplement oxygen to existing air-based systems

Retrofit existing air-based installations

High strength industrial wastes

Activated sludge systems with clarifiers

Sequencing batch reactors

Aerobic digesters

Membrane bioreactors

Regenerative Mixing Pattern of OxyMix®

The regenerative mixing pattern of the OxyMix pure oxygen mixer provides top-to-bottom mixing of the biomass, providing even oxygen distribution (see illustration to the right). The proprietary design of the gas injection device (GID)ensures oxygen dissemination throughout the majority of the liquid. The GID has multiple oxygen injection points below the unit’s impeller, where liquid velocities are highest. The downward liquid movement draws the oxygen down into the basin where it has the maximum residence time for efficient oxygen transfer.

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