Aqua-Jet® Surface Mechanical Aerator

Surface Mechanical Aerator

The Aqua-Jet® surface mechanical aerator has had many imitators over the years, but no copy has managed to eclipse the reliability and durability of the Aqua-Jet®.As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Vibration Controlled Design

The heavy-duty nature of operating rotating equipment requires a design mechanism for limiting vibrations, to ensure smooth and continued operation well beyond the installation. The velocity of the The Aqua-Jet® must be controlled to 7.62mm/second, or less. Failure to meet this limitation will inevitably result in early failure of the machine.

A combination of best-practice design and the highest quality materials have founded the basis for the most reliable and durable wastewater aerator in the industry. With correct maintenance, The Aqua-Jet® units last twice as long as their competitors, and poorly maintained The Aqua-Jet® units can last up to three times longer. Quarterly/bi-annual scheduled maintenance requires motor bearing lubrication, depending on motor size.

The Aqua-Jet® has been approved for THM removal.

Motor options:
- Explosion proof
- High-efficiency
- Endura® Series

Flexibility in materials of construction

Heavy duty bearings and seals

Anti-fouling impeller

2.2-56 kW

Available with Fold-a-FloatTM
Proven oxygen and mixing performance

Easy and flexible installation

Easily added to existing plants

Equipment easily retrievable

Various mooring arrangements

High efficiency motors

Accessories available
Retrofit existing aeration systems including:
- extended aeration
- aerobic digestion
- equalization
- aerated lagoons

Oxidation ditches

Equalization basins

Municipal-industrial combinations

Sludge holding

- Pulp and Paper
- Chemical and Petrochemical
- Food and Beverage
- Energy

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