Aqua EnduraTube® Fine-Bubble Tube Diffuser

Fine-Bubble Tube Diffuser

Available Membrane Materials:

EPDM, Silicone, and others upon request.

Available Sizes:

30.5 to 244 cm per diffuser.

Airflow Range:

From 3.3 to 33.0 m3/hr per meter of length.


Standard oxygen transfer efficiency from 1.5% to over 2.0% per 30cm of submergence*

* Diffuser performance is calculated for each specific application based on flux, density, depth and several other parameters. Please contact an Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. representative for your application. Test results per ASCE testing methods are available.

A unique attachment system significantly reduces installation time

Any diffuser length is available to suit the needs of each application

Highest quality EPDM rubber

Integral Double Check Valve

Attachment system eliminates structural concerns of many other tube diffuser designs

Suitable for off/on applications

Diffusers are factory assembled for easy installation
Factory and on-site testing available

Single source for design and equipment supply

Guaranteed oxygen transfer performance

Complete diffuser, pipe support and piping fabrication

Complete systems available including blowers
Aeration Basins

Aerobic Digesters

Air Stripping

Equalization Basins


Post Aeration

Sludge Holding Tanks

Swing Zones

Aerated Lagoon

Aerated Stabilization Basin

Extended Air

Flow-through Activated Sludge

Membrane Bioreactor

Oxidation Ditch