AquaDDM® Direct-Drive Mixer

Direct-Drive Mixer

The AquaDDM® Direct-Drive Mixer optimises mixing efficiency in wastewater. When mixing requirements are of paramount consideration, the AquaDDM mixer is the logical option. The AquaDDM uses a ducted impeller to reduce power costs by improving pumping efficiency, whilst also delivering 3-4 times the mixing capacity of any aerator of its size. The need for tank baffles is eliminated through integration of flow vanes and lowered input torque.

Motor options:
- Explosion proof
- High-efficiency
- Endura® Series

Flexibility in materials of construction

Heavy duty bearings and seals

Anti-fouling impeller

2.25 to 56 kW
Simple physical construction makes handling easy

Lower initial cost, and less expensive to install and maintain than gear reduced (slow speed) units

Better and more reliable service than submerged directional mixers

One-piece stainless-steel shaft. No couplings, no submerged bearings

Suitable for most basin configurations

Anti-erosion plate available for use in earthen basins, or basins with synthetic liners

Directional flow option available
Anoxic Systems

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Directional Mixing

Blending Combined Streams

Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs)

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