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Inlet Works

Spiral Sieve The PWL Spiral Sieve HXS is one of the most efficient fine screen solutions for small-medium sized wastewater treatment plants, and some industrial applications. Functional Description Spiral Sieve HXS equipment is designed for the … Read More »

Chemical Dosing

Chemical dosing refers to the delivery of a chemical substance into sewage or sludge–like water, and is often used in sewage treatment in the anaerobic digestion process. The process is used for cleaning and recirculating wastewater, … Read More »

Skid Applications

Aquacell builds a range of skids for various applications such as Reverse Osmosis, Chemical Dosing, Membrane Operation Systems, and Ultraviolet Disinfection. Our extensive in-house engineering capabilities and years of industry experience, provide all of the expertise … Read More »

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