Case Study: Boneo Water Recycling Plant Upgrade

South East Water’s Boneo Water Recycling Plant upgrade has been of interest in the water industry of late, with many curious eyes observing the progress of the works. Awarded to John Holland SUEZ Beca joint venture, the upgrade includes a number of innovative wastewater treatment technologies.

Celebrated with an on-site ceremony, the plant operations were transferred to the joint venture, to commence work on the project in February 2019. The joint venture wasn’t the only party celebrating… as the first subcontract awarded in this landmark project, we were celebrating too.

Aquacell has been selected to provide 3 x 14-disk AquaDisk® filters, fitted with 5-micron OptiFiber® PES-14 microfiber cloth media – part of the latest advancement in the cloth media filtration range.

OptiFiber® has been specifically engineered for application in water and wastewater, maximising removal of suspended solids, turbidity and fine particles to provide high quality tertiary effluent. Treatment is accomplished in three simple stages: filtration, backwash and sludge withdrawal.

The AquaDisk® filters will provide 34 ML/day of high-quality tertiary effluent ahead of the UV disinfection system within the plant, ensuring the required treated water quality is maintained within the strict limits applied to the plant.

The cloth media’s thick pile construction allows depth for storage of filtered solids, extending the time between backwashes and providing a clear distinction from micro-screens and other filter technologies.

Thorough cleaning of the media is facilitated by the unique design of the cloth fibre backing support structure, to maintain optimum performance.

Plant construction is scheduled for completion by December 2020.

Download the case study.