Case Study: 181 Fremont, San Francisco

Standing at 245 metres and 55 stories in San Francisco’s SOMA neighbourhood, 181 Fremont is comprised of 40,000 square metres of Class A+ office space on 33 floors and is home to Park 181, 67 ultra-luxury residences on Floors 37 through 55. Immediately adjacent to the new Transbay Transit Center and its elevated 2.2 hectare park via the 5th Floor sky-bridge, 181 Fremont offers convenient access to the new public transportation hub and its unique recreational opportunities. The project is targeted to achieve a LEED Platinum certification by way of incorporating the Aquacell greywater recycling scheme.

Greywater will be collected from the luxury condos (showers, laundry and bathroom sinks) and commercial office floors (bathroom sinks) and treated in an Aquacell G20 in the lowest basement level of the building.  The self-contained Aquacell G20 system is based on membrane bioreactor technology, the treatment technology of choice for commercial facilities desiring to achieve a high quality effluent that can be safely reused.  MBR technology is ideal because of its small footprint, tight quality controls, high yield and consistent production of high quality treated water.  The G20 will provide up to 20,000 litres per day of crystal clear recycled water for toilet and urinal flushing and irrigation, conserving annually up to 1.3 million gallons of precious potable water.  Aquacell’s turn-key solution for the project includes SFPUC grant administration ($US250,000 in funding available to offset Aquacell G20 costs), system design, permitting, installation supervision, commissioning, and operations via a service contract with the owner.