About Us

Since 1996 Aquacell has used an integrated approach to water recycling. We take the time to fully understand individual client needs and design water recycling solutions to save them water, time and money.

Our focus is on non-potable (non-drinking) water systems that can be retrofitted to existing structures or built into new developments. The water recovered in our systems can then be used for a variety of uses including surface irrigation, cooling towers, toilets and more.

Thanks to extensive research and testing, we’ve developed award-winning state-of-the-art recycling plants across Australia, North America and the Middle East.

The Aquacell process

Over the years, our expert team have established a four-way approach to plan and implement successful water recycling projects.


We identify your specific needs, handle the regulatory approvals and provide a fully tailored water-saving solution. Learn more about Consulting.


Our versatile plants cater for developments of any size – if the scope of your project expands, our system can grow with it. Learn more about Systems.


In addition to our commercial and residential re-use systems, we supply a range of best-in-class products for our municipal and industrial customers. We continually develop technologies, or partner with the world’s best companies, to manage water and the environment in the best way possible. Learn more about Products.


We manage the whole process from beginning to end for any type of development. Learn more about Projects.


Together we’ll establish ongoing operations and maintenance agreements for your peace of mind. Learn more about Operations.

Contact us to learn more about how we run our projects and to discuss your individual water recycling needs.

Careers at Aquacell

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