New AquaPrime® provides efficient and economical primary and wet weather filtration solution

With 20 years of tertiary wastewater process application experience,Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ cloth media filtration is a pioneer in wastewater treatment. The new AquaPrime® provides an efficient and economical treatment solution for both primary and wet weather wastewater applications. The new AquaPrime® has demonstrated the ability to accommodate large hydraulic throughput, high solids loading capacity, exceptional effluent quality and a small footprint. With over 1,500 installations, the proof is in the pudding.

The AquaPrime® system utilises a disk configuration paired with OptiFiber® cloth media filtration. This configuration enablesthe system to effectively filter screened, de-gritted, raw municipal sewage. This technology has been proven to easily handle 3 to 5 times higher solids loading rates than secondary clarified effluent, and has the added ability to sustain a low TSS concentration. These features make it an ideal solution for both wet weather treatment and primary treatment in lieu of conventional sedimentation systems.

The AquaPrime® system efficiently operates in a footprint less than 10% of conventional primary settling basins. This offers the added advantage of improved gas production (energy harvesting) in the anaerobic digestion system, due to a significant reduction in BOD5 and COD values in the measured organic values. The AquaPrime® cloth media filtration system consistently produces, high quality effluent under typically variable primary and wet weather influent conditions.