Aquacell contributes to a Sustainable Silicon Valley

Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) envisions a net positive Bay Area by 2050, with a particular focus on water sustainability. By bringing together leading tech companies, educational institutions and governments alike, SSV aims to ensure the future sustainability of water and energy in the region.

As a mechanism of facilitating this goal, SSV held the Navigating Bay Area Water conference on emerging technologies, in order to foster progressive and proactive strategies for dealing with the ever-present water issues in California. Held on the 31st of May in Palo Alto, over 175 water industry leaders attended the conference, yearning to learn more about the Aquacell blackwater recycling systems at Salesforce Tower and Facebook’s new MPK21 campus, along with our other greywater systems in the Bay Area including the iconic 181 Fremont St.

A panel was assembled on Groundbreaking Blackwater and Greywater Systems in the Bay Area. The panel consisted of: Cindy Clark (SSV), Lauren Swezey (Facebook), Piper Kujac (Urban Fabrick), and Taylor Chang (San Franciso Public Utilities Commission); and was joined by Aquacell’s Technical Manager Warren Johnson. Warren was invited to share his expertise on wastewater recycling, elaborating on the process and benefits of onsite non-potable water recycling, and the ongoing implication of our groundbreaking technology for the Bay Area.

Aquacell Technical Manager Warren Johnson speaks on sustainability of water in Bay Area

In light of the introduction of SB996 legislation by Senator Scott Wiener, the conversation surrounding onsite non-potable water reuse technology has been gaining serious traction in California. With many Californian cities relying on imported water, Aquacell’s onsite water recycling technology is at the forefront of ensuring the sustainability of water in the future.

As strategy and legislation for tackling the water crisis continue to evolve in California, we continue to adapt our revolutionary technologies.