Aquacell to install blackwater system at Salesforce Tower

Salesforce Tower is set to become the tallest skyscraper in the city of San Francisco. Seeking to go above and beyond the world-leading ecological sustainability requirements of the city, Salesforce have selected Aquacell to install a state-of-the-art blackwater recycling system. The Aquacell system will treat 150,000L/day of blackwater in the new 325 metre tall building.

The Aquacell will be the largest on-site water recycling system in a commercial high-rise within the USA. The wastewater at Salesforce Tower will be collected from a range of sources, including toilets, urinals, cooling tower, showers and sinks. The wastewater will subsequently be treated in the Aquacell, a centralised blackwater treatment system, and recirculated through a separate purple coloured piping system throughout the building. The recycled water is then used for non-potable applications including toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower applications.

The first of its kind in San Francisco, the Aquacell is set to drastically reduce the potable water demands of the iconic Salesforce Tower. Saving 115,000L/day of drinking water (42 million litres/year), the Aquacell will recycle a quantity equivalent to the annual water consumption of 16,000 San Francisco residents.

Located underground, the Aquacell will collect and recycle wastewater on level P2 and P3 on the parking deck. After treatment, the recycled water will be stored on P1, before being distributed for non-potable purposes throughout the Tower.

Aquacell is working closely with Salesforce on the system design, manufacturing, installation and operation of the blackwater system, and will provide recycled water for all Salesforce Tower staff, paving the way for future projects aligned with sustainable water strategies.

Aquacell system to be nestled underneath Salesforce Tower, San Francisco