Waldorf Astoria, Mad Men, Natalie Cole and Aquacell

An unusual combination?

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Beverly Hills is set to open its doors in 2017. Featuring 17o rooms in a ‘uniquely urban oasis’ located in Southern California, the Waldorf Astoria aims to elegantly encapsulate the sophisticated Californian lifestyle, to which we have an equally elegant water treatment solution.

In true Beverly Hills style, the celebrities were there for the official launch, as reported by Los Angeles magazine.

Aquacell will install a 5KL/day (1200 gallons per day) greywater system for sustainable irrigation of the landscaping.

The trend continues for Aquacell systems to be incorporated in icons of sustainability. Like 181 Fremont in San Fransico and PNC Tower, the Waldorf Astoria is setting the trend much-needed water conservation in Southern California.

We’re sure Christina and Natalie will be impressed!

Photo for Waldorf Astoria by Getty Images

Photo for Waldorf Astoria by Getty Images