Aquacell to showcase Brimbank Community Centre’s next generation greywater system.

Sunshine is the fastest growing region in Australia.  The new Brimbank Community and Civic Centre will become a hub for this extensive growth, and a sustainability showcase. With a predicted population total of 1.14 million by 2030, Sunshine considers greywater conservation to be paramount. 

We do too.

We engaged in extensive R&D and analysed 10 years of operating data from Aquacell commercial greywater plants, .  The result is our next generation system for commercial buildings… the Aquacell GX… a system that produces the same high-quality recycled water for non-potable purposes Aquacell is renowned for, at a significantly reduced price. The next generation GX systems allow for:

  • Greater ease of site installation through the utilisation of easily transportable skids
  • Installation in conventional plant rooms through reduced head height requirements
  • Reduced plant size and operating space
  • Ease of maintenance

The result:

A 30% reduction in capital cost and a 50% reduction in operating costs! Aquacell now provides a more viable proposition for developers, with lower capital investment and a better return on investment.

The Aquacell GX

The Aquacell GX