Kurrajong welcomes Aquacell

The Aquacell S20 system is now in action at Tallowood Village in Kurrajong, and it is a true testament to the Aquacell commissioning process.

Amidst the rural town of Kurrajong, a quaint residential estate known as Tallowood Village rests amongst the inland branches of the Hawkesbury River. Such an isolated location offers great serenity to the patrons of the Tallowood residency, although its remote location meant a lack of centralised sewerage infrastructure for its 41 dwellings. In need of a prompt and effective solution, Aquacell was contracted to immediately implement an onsite, decentralised system that could store and recycle the wastewater of this estate.

Commissioning the Kurrajong Project

Thanks to the introduction of the Water Industry Competition Act (WICA) in 2008, the operation of a third-party wastewater plant is permissible under license. Therefore, after attaining the necessary credentials, Aquacell was authorised to begin construction on a decentralised treatment plant to recycle the wastewater of Tallowood Village for non-potable use throughout its estate. For more information on non-potable water systems, see our About Us section.

Aquacell S20 Model

Features of the Aquacell S20 Model

Proudly, we can promote that this estate in Kurrajong utilises the Aquacell S20 system; a system that employs membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology to produce recycled water with sterility levels exceeding 99%. This Aquacell model works in-sync with its surroundings, and provides a solution complimentary to the Hawkesbury setting. It is with great pride that we can also state that Aquacell’s S20 model greatly minimises odour emissions, through automated aeration of the bioreactor. Furthermore the system is surrounded by an acoustic enclosure that significantly decreases active noise levels, ensuring the tranquillity of the estate remains unspoiled.

These features are a testament to the adaptive nature of Aquacell, and should reflect the level of care and consideration we take in every step of our production process. In short, we look to make certain that the functionality and application of our systems are of utmost compliment to their surroundings. Have a closer look at our process of consultancy,  to see how Aquacell can help you!

With the annual cost of municipal sewer and water charges continually mounting, we are certain that the developers at Tallowood Village are as happy with the Aquacell S20 system as we are.