Aquacell’s 18th birthday

In 1996 Aquacell’s Managing Director, Colin Fisher started the company on an upturned tea chest with no more than a notepad and a landline phone. Today, Aquacell is at the forefront of smart, efficient water recycling.

In the beginning

People often ask for advice on the best way to start a business and the answer is simple: “with a sale”. We sold our first water recycling units to Rio Tinto and Sydney Water, two of Australia’s largest and most respected organisations. This gave us confidence that there was a future in providing high-quality specialist water recycling equipment and working closely with customers and stakeholders to maximise the benefits that those systems offer.

Our keys to success

It may be cliché, but our customers have always come first. We believe that’s a huge part of our success. Too often companies lose touch with their customers’ needs and it can spell disaster. At Aquacell we pride ourselves of creating close ties with our customers and taking the time to understand and meet their individual water recycling needs.


The other driving force at Aquacell has, and always will be, passion for what we do. We are passionate about sustainable water use. We recycled our first water in 1997 from a coal mine, then in 2002 in a residential property. It was clear back then that water management needed a shakeup, and the body of evidence is now overwhelming. The macro trends continue to point to the need for more conservation and we think we’re fortunate to be able to play a role in influencing the way water is valued and managed.

The future for Aquacell

The immediate future is a BBQ for Aquacell employees and their families to celebrate our company’s 18th birthday. Then it’s on to celebrating the milestone with a little more wisdom than many of us celebrated our own personal 18ths. However like many 18 year olds, we think Aquacell’s best years are yet to come.

In the 1850s Londoners learned to address cholera outbreaks with sewers and chlorination of drinking water. We have now learned how to safely use water more than once, especially for non-drinking purposes, and the implications of this for a sustainable world population are immense. After we clean the barby and cover the salads we’ll be launching a range of new water recycling products and services to do just that.

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