Every project has its own complexities and needs a specialised system to overcome them. That’s where we come in. We have a range of smart systems to help you stop losing and start re-using your water.

Our blackwater systems and greywater systems make the most of industry-leading technology and provide great water-saving solutions for any environmentally-conscious development.

We’re all about quality and as more and more people learn about what we do, some of Australasia’s biggest corporations are coming to us to supply their water treatment equipment. We’ve even moved into supplying stormwater and rainwater systems too.

So no matter your plumbing or sewer set up, there’s an Aquacell system that can help you save water, time and money. Contact us today.

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Blackwater Systems


Our blackwater systems simply and efficiently help you re-use your water. You’ll reduce your on-site usage by up to 90 per cent and take the pressure off our sewer infrastructure at the same time. Blackwater is … Read More »

Greywater Systems

Ark Victoria Cross

Cut your water usage in half? It’s possible with a greywater recycling system. Greywater makes up about 30 to 50 per cent of wastewater discharged into our sewers. Instead of losing it, Aquacell’s greywater systems help … Read More »

Treatment and Separation Equipment

Pre Treatment Mechanical Screen

Even if you already have a water or wastewater system, we can still help. Our treatment equipment can help any organisation maximise the amount of water, time and money they save. Since starting out in 1996 … Read More »

Stormwater and Rainwater Systems

Stormwater and Rainwater

At Aquacell, we pride ourselves on building clever systems to re-use water from every possible source. A great deal of stormwater and rainwater simply goes to waste, however with a purpose-built Aquacell system you can capture … Read More »

From initial consultation to operational support, Aquacell is a beginning-to-end provider of water recycling systems to business, industry and government. Call Australia-wide on 1300 AQUACELL.